“The workouts are great, challenging, and different everyday. The trainers are all very knowledgeable and motivating. A great place to get fit!!!”
-Barbara Miller Fritz

“I Love this place, like Cheers, everyone knows your name and they are always glad you came! But seriously the support of the trainers is phenomenal. You work and your own pace and skill level. Always willing to work with you. My children and I have gone to classes here and we love it!”
-Stacey Glass Henderson

“I joined SPF in May of this year. Like many women my age, I was overwhelmed with life as a working mom with three young children, and I was shopping around for a new gym that would help me to drop the nagging weight that had crept on over the years. As a former fitness buff and athlete, I spent years going to larger gyms where I would take group classes and run on the treadmill. I was good about going to the gym, but I was in a rut, exhausted and unmotivated, and I had gotten very good at “hiding” and skating by doing the bare minimum. I knew I needed a change. It seemed like everyone I knew went to SPF, so I finally decided to bite the bullet and join. This was truly the best decision I could have made. I absolutely love this place! The class sizes are small and the individualized attention you get is unlike any other gym around. The trainers are the best I have ever worked with, and every workout is smart, challenging, and incredibly effective. There is not a day that I leave there without being pushed to my personal best. In less than two months, I have gained so much strength and fitness, and kind of amazingly, I am caring less and less about the number on the scale and more on all the incredible things my body can do every workout. I have Jen and her fantastic staff to thank for this breakthrough, and I cannot wait to see the health and fitness gains in store for me!”
-Lauren Scholl Borack

“55 years old, out of shape, facing a knee replacement and overweight, I was in trouble. I was introduced to Shore Point Fitness a little over a year ago! (thanks Boom)… Jen implemented a personal program to build up my knee and strengthen my cardio. Now I am 56.5 years old, 16 pounds lighter and on my way to a toner, healthier body. Get up off your couch and commit to a healthier mind and body. I am so glad I did. Today I am 56.5 years old but feel more like i did in my 40’s. My knee doctor cannot believe how well I have done with personal training. My knee replacement can wait till I am older…much older! Thanks Jen for taking the time to work around my old bones! I now love to work out and look forward to my Sunday personal training day. Bring on those burpees trainer! Fist Pump to SHORE POINT FITNESS!”
-Michele C. rockin’ the kettles!

“For years, I always thought running was the only way to exercise. Once I started training with Jen she opened up my view on exercising. She is by far the most motivating person I have ever met in the workout world. She brings in the nicest crowd to SHORE POINT FITNESS and I couldn’t have been luckier to have met her. She makes working out fun and is by far the most enthusiastic person I know when it comes to working out (even when she was 9 months pregnant!) Jen has been not only am amazing trainer for the past year and a half but turned into a great friend for myself and my family. I wouldn’t be where I am today, I lost a solid 10 pounds and went down 4 pant sizes because of Jen!! I don’t know where I would be without her-maybe on the biggest loser?”
-Melissa G.

“I exercise to stay healthy, but more importantly I do it for my sanity. I was doing classes at a local gym and was not getting the full effect. It was always the same repetitive exercises over and over again. I heard about Shore Point Fitness and decided to give it a try. I was hooked after the first class. I have been doing several different classes with Jen for 3 years. My favorite is boot camp & I do everything in my power to never miss a class. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve handed my kids a cookie and told them we’ll have dinner after boot camp. I just can’t miss it, so I do what I have to do. I have told several friends about the class and every time they try it, they are addicted too. I love that its NEVER the same & Jen’s sense or humor keeps me going. I do tell her I may not love her when I’m doing it, but I love her after (especially when I can see the results).”
– Wendy H.

“Over the years I have lost and gained weight a billion times. Exercised and then gave it up. I’ve finally figured out why. I wasn’t part of a team. No one to encourage me, or correct me, or kick my butt. Just me and my WW cookbook and an iPod on a treadmill. And then I discovered Shore Point Fitness and Jen. I now have a trainer who truly cares about not just my size, but my strength and my health. I am surrounded by women who are encouraging, helpful and kind…and share great recipes. Whether you’re brand new and 50 pounds overweight or you could bench press a bear, everyone is comfortable and challenged. Everyone leaves sweaty and sore. I am in the best shape of my life, and this time I’m going to stay that way. And I could not even begin to thank Jen DeKenipp enough for that.”
– Jenifer B.

“Thank you Jen! Not only did I loose 10lbs and 3 inches this summer, I gained confidence, strength, endurance, a love/hate relationship with a medicine ball and new friends! You are Awesome at what you do and I wish SPF great success! I am excited to continue my journey with everyone at SPF this Fall.”
-Alison C.